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About Us 
Company "Mageal" - a diversified telecommunications company. We present the full range of solutions for home users, private and government organizations, large corporations. Experience and excellent reputation enables us to provide our customers with reliable, high-quality access to the Internet via a dedicated and dial-up connections. Established relations with domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of communication equipment, the availability of certified engineers and a large number of implemented projects allow us to solve any problem in the field of communications. 
Mageal today: 
More than 60 technology platforms to connect to terrestrial fiber optic lines; 
Fiber optic backbone size of the city at a speed of 1 Gbit / s; 
The combined capacity of the network over 320Gbit / s; 
By high-speed Internet access with a dual redundant (1Gbit / s); 
The company's network is built on the equipment Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, Juniper Networks; 
Certified professionals around the clock technical support; 
Providing "virtual networks" VLAN; 
Provision of services to access the Internet; 
Provision of digital television services; 
Guaranteed quality of service; 
Flexible forms of work with corporate clients.


  • Digital TV
  • Internet

Location: Ukraine

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