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"Datagroup" is the leading telecommunications operator in the Ukrainian market of integrated fixed-line services. The company's customers are those services that are necessary for the dynamic development of their business.

In summer 2010, top management "Datagroup" announced attracting investment to the company of $ 40 million. Investors began operating company equity fund Horizon Capital. In subsequent years, "Datagroup" will be working with Horizon Capital, to attract additional investment for the company in the amount of up to $ 100 million.

"Datagroup" provides services to corporate clients. Their range can solve any issues of telecommunication with the wishes of customers. Today, the company is one of the leaders on the geography of communication services, "Datagroup" has 60 offices across the country and provides a full range of communications services in 40 cities of Ukraine.
For retail customers in the autumn of 2010 "Datagroup" presented a retail brand "Home Telecom". Under this brand provides Internet and telephony. Subscribers of "Home Telecom" can connect to the Internet Technology Ethernet, ADSL, as well as on radio technology.

"Datagroup" is the leader in the segment of professional data transfer for corporate customers by the end of 2011 the company owns 37% of the total revenues in this segment. The company also is a leader in the VSAT satellite communications in Ukraine and CIS countries - 71% of the domestic market. "Datagroup" - the only operator in the country, which has a special infrastructure (specially equipped vehicles, powerful mobile diesel generators, clock repair crews on duty) to provide SLA (Service Level Agreement) and outsourcing.

All this is possible thanks to the professional team, to be recognized in the telecommunications market, 12 work experience, as well as the powerful resources of the company. "Datagroup" has its own fiber-optic network in all regions of Ukraine with total length of 11,267 km, satellite transmission stations, intracity fiber-optic networks, which have a length of 5866 km. "Datagroup" license plate has its own dedicated resources, $ 1,209,600 numbers, net sales, distribution and technical support throughout Ukraine.

As of Q1 2012, the company "Datagroup" has 267 thousand subscribers of individuals (160 thousand internet subscribers, 107 thousand telephone subscribers), which are served on the TM "Home Telecom". Since June 2011, "Home Telecom" began to provide television. Today the company serves 20,400 TV subscribers in Dnepropetrovsk, Zhmerinka, Nikolaev, Gadyach, Bar.


  • Digital TV
  • Internet
  • SIP Telephony
  • Wired Telephony
  • Wireless Access

Location: Ukraine

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