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7up iNet


Computer network 7up iNet
7up computer network was established in 2002. Since that time we have changed, and continue to develop. Our primary goal - to provide high quality internet services. Combining optical and copper line we deliver the Internet in every home. Now everyone can appreciate what a high-speed Internet, which can not be compared to any other type of connection (dsl, dial-up, cable tv-network). Speed ​​of 100 Mbit / s. the Ukrainian part of the Internet (UA-IX) blurs the line between the local network and the global information of the Internet. Transmit information to a computer in a nearby town as easy and no slower than a computer in a neighboring apartment. This explains the concept of "Internet for home", so that our customers feel at home on the Internet.
But this does not mean that we are dedicated exclusively to the home user segment, we also work with corporate clients.
Geographically, the network is in Kiev in Voskresenka. We are constantly working to expand the coverage of our network. Even if you want to connect to the network coverage area, we can connect your wireless connection. And already using the services of the Internet you can comfortably wait for our optical line.
7up - Internet for home internet for people!
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