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Supersonic TV


Super Sonic bears the name of the company that publishes Albanian music. The beginnings were in 1992. Among the first house record label that took over the publication and distribution of the first musical albums in the country. Beginnings are in the Audio and Video tapes to keep on CD and DVD. In 2001 Record Label passes Ltd.At this time begins and fabrication of raw materials (audio and video) electronically (not mechanical). Many are singers who have believed this House Record Label publish their albums, songs which have left traces in Albanian music. For modern music can mention albums:
Ardit Gjebrea - Here I am, Rovena Dilo - surrender, gold Mumajesi Detail, The Dreams (Flori, Sony, Erjosti), Julka - Amin, Linkin Park - "Mames" and "near and far",, Irma Libohova "Irons goods ", Redon Makashi" my World "Noizy" Most wanted "Eni Koci" Love ", Davis Xherahu" in the darkness of night, "Alida" Play "Aurela Gace" I said eyes, "Bojken Lako" Road "'Black Eyed Peas, Mira Konçi, PAF Qereti, album "Dedicated to you" (including singers: Eranda Libohova, Orinda Huta, gold Mumajesi, Linkin Park, Julka, Soni Malaj, Çiljeta Xhilhaga etc..)
Super Sonic has published in all editions of Song Magic from 2003 onwards, some traditional summary called "summer hits" and "Fall Winter" in which are published all the latest songs of the time when the summary is published, tradition publication from 2005 onwards


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Location: Albania

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