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Vizion Plus


Eutelsat W2 satellite broadcast:
Freq.: 11,283
Symbol Rate: 27500
Polarization: Vertical
FEC.: 3/4
National Satellite television with a decision of the National Council, based on Law No. 8410 dt.30.09.1998 "On public and private radio and television in the Republic of Albania" and the 8655 law, dt. 31.07.200 "On some amendments to Law No. 8410, dt.30.09.1998" for public and private radio and television in the Republic of Albania "
VISION PLUS has started the first broadcasts in 1999. Originally a broadcast locally, to pass after a stretch in over 90% of the territory of Albania. Our programs are followed in most of the cities in Albania: Tirana, Durres, Fier, Gramsh, Vlore, Berat, Tepelene, Skrapar, Gjirokastra, Saranda, Permet, Kruje, Burrel, Copenhagen, Shkoder, Elbasan, Librazhd, Korce, etc.. Satellite broadcasting 24 hours has turned Vizion Plus in a window of information and entertainment for all our compatriots all over the world, but also have made it possible for its programs to be followed in areas where signal coverage is not reached directly, as within and outside the country, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia.
VISION PLUS is a television where everyone finds itself, he sees a friend who finds it difficult to be shared. Variety of programs, shows, investigative social programs, films, serials and TV series guarantees a wide audience kuperfshihen all age groups and social strata. Recent surveys have ranked it as one of the favorite television for the Albanians, which is the mirror of commitment, seriousness and responsibility shown by all the staff of the television.
Broadcasts 24 hours / day, 7 days a week through a network consisting of 18 transmission points located throughout the country. A professional staff with a long experience in the field of television broadcasting, ensures a high level of communication with the audience. We are positioned as a provider of new formats to high-quality television as well as an authoritative voice in terms of news and current affairs programs. Winner of various awards for documentaries products. I ranked as one of the TV stations preferred by Albanians at home and abroad. We aim to maximizing the level of the audience always aiming towards new segments. Based on hours of transmission, we produce respectively:
• 46.9% of the week, program in prime time (9:00 pm - 00:00 pm);
• 60.8% of program structure in the interval 7:00 am and 7:30 pm
Our sources of programming are also a variety of prestigious providers, especially by American studios and exclusive distributor.


+355 4 2 404 268/102


Departamenti i Marketingut:

+355 4 2 404 268/137

Departamenti i Informacionit:

+355 4 2 404 268/114


Departamenti i Teknik:

+355 4 2 404 268/125

Departamenti i Grafikes:

+355 4 2 404 268/117


Departamenti i Prodhimit:

+355 4 2 404 268/123


Departamenti i Promocionit:

+355 4 2 404 268/126



  • Digital TV

Location: Albania

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