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Albanian Screen


Albanian Screen is a National Satellite Television. It broadcasts via EUTELSAT Satellite, and it covers the whole territory of Europe, North America and Asia. Albanian Screen Television broadcasts terrestrially in all the territory of Albania, and it broadcasts via digital terrestrial signal in the city of Tirana. The General Director of Albanian Screen Television is Mr. Rezart Taçi.
Founded in 2003, with an exclusively informative programming structure, until 2010 it was known as ALSAT TV. After becoming a property of Taci Oil International Group, its program has undergone a fundamental change, by passing from an informative structure into a generalist television, which is totally oriented toward information, education and entertainment. 
Investments in the latest contemporary technology and the attraction of the best professionals in the media market enabled the fulfillment of this mission by transforming Albanian Screen into one of the most important tv-channels in the country.
The diversified programs, combined with the television?s programming structure, create its physiognomy and they materialize our aim to serve the needs of all age groups, by showing a special care in the selection of programs for children and teenagers. 
News bulletins are completely impartial and their main purpose is to inform the public. Professional journalists transmit the latest news at real time. Besides news bulletins, the News Department produces "Target" program, which is broadcasted every day after the main news bulletin of the day. This program deals with the main political, social or economic developments; it treats the issues in details and invites special guests to complete the arguments. 
The latest movies of the most prestigious cinematographic houses or cinema nostalgia, the best documentaries and the best comic and drama tv-series, winners of international prices, are offered by Albanian Screen Television. 
Politics, its approach to the public and responsibility, relations between the parties, the implementation of law and the dynamics of all developments are discussed in "Prism" political talk show. 
"Drite Hije" talk show, which through debate deals with the most sensitive social issues, is the only similar program in the Albanian media market. Important elements of the country?s life, characters that come directly from these events and representatives of the respective institutions directly related to the specific topic make this program a bearer of the citizens? concerns and interests. 
Sport comes in Albanian Screen through "Skaner Kampionat" program, a sportive program which every Sunday offers a full analysis of the Albanian football. Opposition, moviola and analytical debates in the studio transmit the full panorama of the Albanian football. 
"Orkidea" program brings debates on different art genres, interesting characters and traditional and modern creations. "Orkidea" offers the audience an opportunity to entertain and relax. "Agon" program also preserves the same philosophy, but it uses another dynamism, that of the need to provide quick information and to invite the citizens on a new day. 
Music intertwined with entertaining news, which bring the audience details on the lives of the VIP world, are offered in "Jo vetem hite" program. 
But of course, we will not stop here. Albanian Screen Television continues its project to increase the quality and diversity of its programs. For all the latest information on the program of Albanian Screen Television, you can register in "Buletin". 

Technical Department of ALBANIAN SCREEN Radio and Television

ALBANAN SCREEN  Radio Television
Rr."SIRI KODRA", Nd. 185 , H 1, 
              Njësia Bashkiake Nr.9, Kodi Postar 1017.
              Tirana, Albania.
Tel nr: 00355 48 301063 
Fax nr: 00355 4 271738
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