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SELCOM as construction activity of networks and telecommunications services.
SELCOM General has received authorization from the AEPC (Electronic and Postal Communications Authority), for the provision of electronic communications networks and services.
Main services offered are:
Fixed telephony,
Internet, through ADSL 2 + for Family and Business users.
Seeing that the telecommunications market is developing very rapidly, by adopting the latest technology, SELCOM aims to increase the range of services offered, such as:
IP TV, etc..
Currently the area of ​​coverage is Farka municipality, municipality Golem (Kavajë) and some areas in the city of Tirana.
Soon aim SELCOM network to cover a substantial part of the Tirana District, to best meet the needs and demands of the market.
For more information, visit the sections.
SELCOM sh.p.k.
Rezidenca "Kodra e Diellit",
Selite, Tirane.
Tel: +355 48 830000
Fax: +355 48 830001



  • Digital TV
  • Internet
  • SIP Telephony

Location: Albania

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