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Eagle Mobile is an Albanian brand.

The third mobile operator in Albania was established on October 23, 2003 from the Albanian government as an integral part of the fix operator in Albania, Albtelecom. The privatization started in 2005 and was finalized on September 28, 2007 when Cetel Telekom composed by one of the biggest companies in Turkey, Çalik Group by 80% and Turk Telekom by 20%, purchased 76% of Albtelecom shares. The other 24% of shares belong to the Albanian government and other shareholders.               
The agreement was signed by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Energetic at that time, Genc Ruli and the President of Çalik Holding, Ahmet Çalik, in Tirana. In March, the prime ministers of Albania and Turkey, Sali Berisha and Recep Tayyip Erdogan greeted each-other upon a symbolic "ALO” which opened officially the communication of Eagle Mobile, the company carrying the symbol of Albania and Albanians, the Eagle.              

Eagle Mobile put a new record by entering in the Albanian market of telecommunication on March 12, 2008. In a very short period of 6 months, Eagle Mobile covered the entire territory of the country by exceeding the limits of speed and predictions. On December 31st, 2008, the company attained coverage by 97.8% of the population of the country and 90% of the territory of the country by providing services in the whole Albania.
The powerful entrance and the preparation at record time of Eagle Mobile operator in the market would mean very much for Albanians which were looking forward to the collapse of the duopoly situation in the Albanian market. Now the guaranteed success of Eagle Mobile has been obvious in various declarations of personalities and different state institutions and those of the telecommunication area in the country and more.
Eagle Mobile is a youth company. Over 370 employees have been employed in this company, whereas 150 other work for Eagle Mobile through the sub contractual companies. The network of Eagle shops has exceeded 70 and distributor one is obviously extended. 95% of the employees are Albanians and only 5% of them are of foreign nationality. (Updated on January 11, 2010).
Now, almost three years after entering in the market, Eagle Mobile marks over 800 thousand subscribers, which is a record number reached in a short time.                                                     
The company had a big success in the market with ProRing, RiniRing and LIFE Packages. For the first time the postpaid and prepaid numbers have been combined in one solely group, and this constitutes a new practice in Albania.
Eagle Mobile brought for the first time for the Albanians the EDGE technology, the fastest service of the internet in the mobile phone at 2.5G technology and now the company is ready for it, the most recent technology 3G, in attendance of the license.
Eagle Mobile has brought in Albania the most recent mobile technology and of course the most contemporary services in the country. Some of the latest services launched in Albania from this company are: Mobile TV, in which Eagle subscribers can watch 10 TV national and foreign channels of direct signal and also to be acquainted with the latest videos launched in the field of cinema. “Eagle Eye” diversely called Vehicle Tracking System which has to do with the supervision of vehicles wherever they are and also to check the fuel, consumption, speed etc.

“News as it happens” is another practice that Eagle Mobile has projected in collaboration with the biggest Agency of news in the country ATSH. Now, all the customers can be informed through SMS messages on the latest news from the country and world. Each morning the customer can be informed on the rate exchange and weather forecast.
Eagle Mobile achieved at record time the full roaming service. The company has Roaming service in more than 220 countries with 420 operators.

Social Responsibility
Eagle Mobile has undertaken projects in the field of social responsibility since the first days in the market.
Every year the company has got a new tradition of establishing a "Social Priority".
Orphan children have been under the company focus in 2009, and it dedicated to them this year by declaring "The Year of the Orphan Children".

Eagle Mobile declared 2010 "The Year of Environment" and contributed to the environment, building children playgrounds and rehabilitation of different areas of the capital city. Meanwhile, it is expected to be declared the new priority for 2011.
One of the major projects of 2010 was "Eagle Mobile, One with Nature", with a concept of cleaning and awareness campaign in seven cities of Albania.
The company has not neglected the education sector during the year by contributing to the reconstruction of the lecture hall, in Faculty of Science at Polytechnic University of Tirana, and the re-establishing of the IT Lab at the Faculty of Sciences.


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