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About us

The launch of first signal of mobile telecommunication in Albania holds AMC name. The successful privatization of Albanian Mobile Communications in 2000 would have been the prelude of all further achievements. 85 percent of the shares bought by COSMOTE Telenor Consortium. Part of Cosmote group, operating in five countries of South Eastern Europe, AMC is guided by substantial customer–centric philosophy, a competitive pricing policy, and advanced user-friendly services.

When the new private management first touched ground in AMC the company had a customer base of merely 15,000 clients, being the only GSM service provider in the country’s industry. Only few months after, we offered the prepaid service together with an excellent Customer Care unit, which had an incredible success, because for the first time our operators offered a polite and warm assistance to our clients, who then grew in number and fidelity. In a country where fixed telephony was a lacking necessity and hardly a commodity, we provided communication service with unseen quality and with a touch of a button.

AMC investment figures in the last years are several hundreds of million Euros in technology, maintenance, construction and else. AMC offers network coverage of approx. 89.03 percent of the territory and approx. 99.8 percent of the population while its technology built up respecting EU standards and Albanian legislation, is of a state of the art and health safe.

Albania still is a country where taxpaying and legal work remains a strong challenge for the government and its economic policies and where Tax Office and custom’s revenues are the main financial suppliers for the state budget. By having a tax and VAT contribution of 155 million Euros, together with few other big companies, AMC provides the main part of the revenues, entering the state budget.

Our company has also brought new mentality in the job creating and human resources policies in the country. Being the second largest employer in Albania, our company counters more than 500 specialized employees, to which we provide human resource standards, equal to European workers, bringing thus an example to be followed by other private enterprises.

AMC is a strong contributor to sports, arts and social developments of Albania. It has been our effort since the moment of privatization to mainstream the social responsibility in the strategy and management of the company. By supporting the most talented sportsmen and artists, by offering financial aid to people in need, by caring through concrete initiatives for the environment, AMC has given clear evidences that its attention towards improving the live of citizens it’s not something that this company is doing to appear altruistic, but a real value upon which we base all our actions.

It’s good to be the first, that’s what we keep in mind as a socially responsible operator committed to constant innovation and high quality, and dedicated to bringing values to our customers.


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Location: Albania

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