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Our Story

YALLA MISR for Communication Technology (S.A.E), an affiliate of El_Kharafy Group, was established on April 8, 1999 and is holding aClass A license from the Telecom Regulatory Board. YALLA MISR is one of top five Internet Service Provider in Egypt that combines the best of customer-oriented management, user-focused marketing with leading-edge technology. 

Owning a nationwide network with about 59 nodes located in major cities across Egypt, YALLA MISR provide ADSL, SDSL, VPN solutions, Web Hosting, Hosting applications as well as dialup free Internet service to the Egyptian market.

YALLA will launch new quality services to the Egyptian market. New reseller offerings, professional ICT services for the corporate market and, in particular, triple play services for the hospitality and real estate sector will be some of the new services being offered, as well as managed data centers solutions. In addition, international corporate customer needs with branches outside of Egypt will be addressed.

Yalla design and operate the next generation network in one of Egypt's most technologically advanced newly built resorts at Port Ghalib. "Yalla" is aiming to become the ICT operator of choice for the rapidly expanding tourist industry in Egypt and wider across the Middle East.



To provide World Class service and products to the Egyptian market, and beyond, and be the company of choice for people to work.


To be a locally focused centre harnessing globally recognized capabilities, to deliver excellent services and products to address business challenges and provide value in Egypt and the region. 


  • Domain Registry
  • Hosting
  • Internet
  • Satellite Broadband
  • SIP Telephony
  • VPN
  • Wireless Access

Location: Egypt

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