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The world of COSMOTE…

Millions of customers, presence in 4 countries, steady progress based on innovation and the passion of the Group’s thousands of employees: this, today, is the world of COSMOTE.

The world of the company that, as member of the OTE Group of Companies, from 1998 until today, has not only managed to conquer the leading position in the Greek mobile telephony market but also, to establish itself as one of the biggest mobile operators in SE Europe and a wider market of 46 million people.

COSMOTE in Greece

COSMOTE started its commercial operations in Greece in the spring of 1998 as the third mobile telephony operator in the country, entering the market five years after its competitors. Within a small period of time, it changed market realities with its commercial policy, while in record time it built a state-of-the-art telecommunications network that remains one of its major competitive advantages, until today. Greek mobile market leader since 2001 and increasing its gap versus competition as of 2007, COSMOTE today has a customer base that reaches 7.9 million (March 2012).

COSMOTE has recorded a series of distinctions, such as its presence in the FT500 Top Companies list of the FINANCIAL TIMES, as well as the Information Technology 100 list of BusinessWeek magazine ranking the top 100 information technology and telecommunications companies in the world.

Presence in SE Europe

The world of COSMOTE expands to the wider region of SE Europe, where the Group operates through its subsidiaries, AMC in Albania, GLOBUL in Bulgaria and COSMOTE in Romania. In this extended market of 46 million people, COSMOTE is everywhere, mostly due to GERMANOS, the most successful telecommunications retail chain in SE Europe that is today the backbone of the Group’s commercial network (excluding Albania).Today, AMC holds a leading position in Albania, GLOBUL is 2nd in Bulgaria, with a series of "firsts" in the neighboring country's market, while COSMOTE Romania, recording dynamic performance, has 6.4 million clients. With the acquisition of Zapp, completed in October 2009, COSMOTE has consolidated its position in Romania, the biggest market in SE Europe.

Telecommunications Network

The world of COSMOTE is based on its high-end telecommunications network. Being one of the company’s key competitive advantages throughout its track record, COSMOTE’s network brings the company's signal everywhere in SE Europe. The company has an impressive record of very important market firsts: it was the first in the Greek market to provide high speed broadband services HSDPA, first to provide speeds of up to 7.2 Mb/s (HSDPA) using the new HSUPA technology, among the first in Europe to upgrade its network to HSPA+. Furthermore, committed to constantly expanding and upgrading its network, COSMOTE first in Greece and among the first 10 worldwide, recorded broadband downlink data speeds up to 42.2 Mbps, while the company is preparing to introduce first new pilot LTE technology network with 100Mbps speeds, having filed a licensing request for pilot LTE tests to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.


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