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Zona Wi-Fi

It's a Wireless service which allows you to access Broadband Internet in public zones, just as you would do at home or in the office.

Now you can check your e-mails, access chat and messenger applications, your company’s internal network or simply browse the Internet, outside your home!

What does this service allow you to do?

Our service allows you to:

  • Send and receive e-mails;
  • Browse the internet;
  • Access your company’s internal network with the same security as if you were there.

What is a hotspot?

It’s a public zone where the WiFi PT service is available.

WiFi PT is the leading WiFi operator in the country, with more than 1600 hotSpots nation-wide including: hotels, airports, restaurants, post offices, shopping centres, service stations, conference centres and many more!



  • Wireless Access

Location: Portugal

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