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Some companies offer the latest technology.  Others offer outstanding know how.  Us?  We give you both.  We’re absolutely committed to your success.

We believe in offering our clients the latest in voice, data, hosting, recovery, and cloud computing services.  We also believe in supporting those services with the most talented people in the business.  In the end, it’s this combination of technology and humanity that makes us unique.

LightBound provides a complete range of business technology services, including:

    • Dedicated Internet Access
    • Server Co-location
    • Email Virus & Spam Control
    • Hosted & On-Site Vp Systems & Voice Service
    • WAN Consolidation, Managed Fiber & Leased Lines
    • Managed Firewall with Virtual Private Networks
    • Cloud Computing and Storage
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Complete Data Center Capabilities
    • Scale Computing SAN
    • Web Hosting and much, much more
LightBound offers our clients and partners a variety of IT assets they can leverage:
    • Sales, Engineering, & Customer Service are experienced 
    • End-to-end systems and processes ensure knowledge flow at all times
    • 24/7/365 technical and operational support 
    • Online tools allow access to usage statistics and account information 
    • Cost Effective, Reliable, Secure Connectivity
    • Diverse suite of connection options designed to meet your bandwidth requirements 
    • Flexible pricing plans help you effectively run your business 
    • Robust security solutions ensure integrity and privacy 
    • Ensure performance of your Internet router with managed services 
    • Business grade service level agreements demonstrate our commitment 
    • Superior Network Engineered for IP Traffic
    • Fully redundant network architecture with state-of-the-art technology 
    • Private peering agreements and BGP speed data transfer


  • Colocation
  • Internet
  • SIP Telephony

Location: USA

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