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BrownstoneIT was set up to provide cutting edge wireless products and solutions to private businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations. As a young, ambitious company, we respond quickly to our customers needs, providing flexible solutions that give you the competitive edge.

We deliver data, voice and video with:

  • no installation delay
  • no infrastructure costs
  • easy integration to the Corporate network
  • full security.

We work with:

  • local government
  • colleges
  • emergency services
  • oil & gas
  • construction
  • the military

Our "Office in a Box" product can be installed onto a vehicle, a trailer or a temorary office unit.

This allows our customers to:

  • transfer files
  • surf the Internet
  • make phone calls
  • hold video conferences
  • With full security, including VPN tunnels.

We offer free project consultation, so that our customers' projects start with all issues considered. We then tailor a solution to match their requirements.


  • Wireless Access
  • VPN
  • SIP Telephony
  • Satellite Broadband

Location: Whatlington England

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