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Boundless Communications was established in 2010 with a clear focus to become the UK’s leading rural broadband provider.

We believe that the existing large broadband providers will never provide a quality service to every property in the UK, as their commercial and technology models will not allow this. Despite government intervention, which is being used to subsidise the roll-out of hundreds of miles of fibre optic cable to telephone cabinets, if you are a long way from the exchange, you just won’t get the benefit.

This is where Boundless comes in.

Our founding team has unparalleled expertise in delivering super-fast internet access using FTTM (Fibre to the Mast) technology and long range microwave broadband. We deliver business and residential customers with high speed internet access using Microwave, Ethernet and Fibre connections.

We are a dynamic company that likes to challenge everything and we plan to shake the industry – a little at a time.

If you want to be part of our growing customer list, host a broadband access point, or join our installation teams, get in touch.


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Location: Chorley England

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