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Alliance Communications

About Us

Alliance Communications servers communities in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa.  Our communities might be considered small in terms of demographics, but they will be among the giants in terms of telephone, Internet and cable TV technology. Alliance Communications is installing fiber-optic technology in its service area, which will give you access to the most advanced communications services available in the nation.

Once the fiber-optic project is complete, there will be no one more technologically advanced than Alliance Communications customers.


Early telephone users in this area, however, weren't exactly impressed with the quality of service they received.

For many years, residents shared one telephone, usually located at the lumberyard or drug store, with everyone else in town. Bare iron wires carried those first conversations. Static and interference were unbearable, and linemen often traveled by horseback to fix service problems.

Party lines soon became the norm, and operators manually plugged in calls on eight, 10, up to 24 party lines. Service drastically improved in the 1960s and 1970s after the telephone systems were converted to dial and one-party service. Later, the systems were upgraded to digital.

This past decade was a time of growth for Alliance Communications, which was officially formed after Baltic Telecom and Splitrock Telecom merged in 2003. Before the merger, both companies expanded by purchasing exchanges from US West in the 1990s. Baltic Telecom, which served Baltic and Crooks, purchased the Alcester and Hudson exchanges. And Splitrock Telecom of Brandon and Garretson bought the Carthage, Howard, Ramona and Oldham exchanges.

Alliance Communications expanded even more when it became the sole owner of Hills Telephone Company in 2003 and the Valley Springs exchange in 2005.

Alliance Communications is large enough to provide its customers with elite fiber-optic products, but small enough to offer personal service. Customers enjoy the best services at some of the most affordable prices.



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  • Wired Telephony

Location: USA

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