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Founded in 1995 as Aeneas Internet Services, Aeneas has been dedicated to the expansion of technological boundaries. Over the years it has grown from offering basic dial-up Internet services to a wide range of cutting-edge telecommunications solutions. Aeneas now offers a myriad of services including nationwide Internet access, local and long distance service in Tennessee, Voice over Internet, commercial Web hosting and design, Internet backbone connectivity for businesses, broadband Internet, off-site file storage and disaster preparedness options.

Aeneas has a long history of firsts, and a particular sensitivity to the often-neglected needs of rural communities. It was the first company to bring Internet to rural Tennessee, and soon after its creation became West Tennessee's largest Internet provider. Aeneas was also the first to bring broadband Internet to rural Tennessee. And in 1999, Aeneas expanded into the telephone industry as Aeneas Internet and Telephone when it became Tennessee's first and only Tennessee-owned, facilities based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier ("CLEC"). In 2004, Aeneas became the first Tennessee-based VoIP carrier, over the largest municipal FTTH (fiber to the home) network in the country, once again taking a place on the front lines of the latest telecommunications breakthrough


  • Colocation
  • Domain Registry
  • Hosting
  • Internet
  • Wired Telephony

Location: USA

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