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Access1 is a solutions provider for advanced digital signage and product monitoring platforms. We are committed to helping our partners and customers reach their advertising needs and marketing goals through streamlined digital signage application development, latest technologies in audience recognition, high quality hardware and a metrics system to track the use of each unit. Access1 works to provide its clients with the most valuable and pertinent data from their digital signage campaign.

The Access1 system allows for you to learn about the customer and their needs based on location, gender and age assessments. Advances in non-invasive facial recognition software allow the deployed units to analyze the viewer's face to trigger advertisements or steer the viewer to the specific messaging based on this data. Access1 will work with its clients to develop the product that best meets their needs and the viewing customers expectations.

Access1 offers a service platform to store the usage statistics from each unit to know how the customer is interacting with each unit. Data such as location, gender, age, time and selections made can be used to generate a model for the customer based on this. Knowing these statistics, the software can learn to display content to the viewer, making rotating ads more effective and more likely to get the customer to the product. This system also allows content relevance to be measured more accurately and really know what the customer is viewing.

The Access1 products and services are offered to provide Access1's partners and customers with the most intuitive and comprehensive digital signage solutions. High quality interactive content, customer recognition, and an online metrics evaluation system help deliver the most complete digital advertising system possible


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