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Rutland Telecom

About Rutland Telecom

Rutland Telecom’s goal is to deliver a fibre optic broadband solution across Rutland within 10 years and make Rutland Telecom the number one first choice for Broadband Services across Rutland’s homes, businesses, and public offices.

From simple beginnings, we have challenged the status quo and seen the results of our efforts opening up the telecoms sector to new, flexible, and innovative SMEs just like ourselves. The critical acclaim that we have received is humbling, yet our approach and reasoning is reflected everywhere we look throughout the UK and beyond: in the aspirations of governing bodies both political and regulatory; in best practice business approaches driving innovation, sustainability, and efficiencies; and most importantly in the product and service buying public who are taking new technologies and their own understanding of economic impacts, and demanding better of us all as providers.


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Location: England

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