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About Onwave

Established in 2008, Onwave was founded to provide an affordable broadband solution to businesses and homes that are poorly served, or not served at all, by the fixed line network. Satellite broadband is the only technology that can offer 100% coverage and so Onwave immediately formed a strategic partnership with Eutelsat, Europe's leading satellite operator to deliver a range of broadband services over its network.


Satellite technology has come a long way even this short period of time. The new high capacity KA-SAT satellite, which came online in June 2011, has ten times the throughput and one hundred times the capacity of the previous generation of satellite. Delivering high speed broadband comparable to median DSL speeds (8Mb) to any location in the UK and Ireland is now a reality with Onwave.


Today Onwave is one of Europe's largest distributors of broadband over satellite. We have thousands of deployments across both the UK and Ireland and a dedicated team who support and advise our customers. We have recently added a phone service to both business and residential services and we will continue to bring real alternative solutions to our clients and customers.


To learn more about our services call us today on: 0845 434 0434



Broadband anywhere.


  • Satellite Broadband

Location: Ireland

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